• Added Fate/EXTELLA material glossary (Japanese/Chinese).
  • Added portions of Fate/Zero Animation Visual Guide I English glossary.
  • Fixed glossary formatting, grammar, and translation inconsistencies.


With this update, the Fate/EXTRA glossary is finally complete; missing entries in the Chinese glossary have been filled, and proofreading of the English glossary is now finished. If you notice any more errors, please notify us!


  • Added missing entries to Fate/EXTRA Chinese glossary.
  • Fixed formatting, grammar, and translation inconsistencies in Fate/EXTRA English glossary.
  • Renamed the term “Virtual Spiritron” to “Pseudo-Spiritron.”


The site’s stylesheet has been updated to use responsive design, making it more mobile friendly. There’s also a new glossary, it comes from a small booklet, HibiChika Complete Capture Book, found in the Mahou Tsukai no Hako Box Set sold at the TYPE-MOON booth in C78, its content is mostly random facts and jokes.


  • Site style is now responsive to screen size.
  • Added Mahou Tsukai no Hako Small Encylopedia (Japanese/Chinese).
  • Added images for Fate/Zero Animation Visual Guide I + II.