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Happy holidays! With this update comes the addition of a new PRISMA material/petit glossary and the completion of _HibiChika Complete Capture Book_’s English glossary. There are currently no other outstanding glossaries we are actively working on, so this will likely the last big update for a while (we’re always happy to accept user-contributed glossary translations, though!)

For now we will focus on improving site stability and user experience, and continue to update CHALDEAの記録 with new content.

  • Added Encyclopedia of Prisma Illya MOVIE.
  • Added Mahou Tsukai no Hako Small Encylopedia English glossary.
  • Updated CHALDEAの記録 contents up to FGO Material 8.


Translation of Fate/type Redline Glossary (from Fate/type Redline Vol. 1) is now available on the site. Also, English glossary of Fate/Zero Animation Visual Guide I + II is now 100% complete.

  • Added Fate/type Redline Glossary.
  • Updated Fate/Zero Animation Visual Guide I + II English glossary.


Full English and Chinese glossary translation for MOONLIGHT/LOSTROOM material is now available on the site. Lore data in CHALDEAの記録 has also been updated up to Lostbelt 2 / 3rd Anniversary.

  • Added MOONLIGHT/LOSTROOM Glossary.
  • Updated CHALDEAの記録 contents up to Lostbelt 2.


TMdict is excited to announce the launch of a new project:

CHALDEAの記録 (Chaldea Records) is a compendium of 『Fate/Grand Order』 data and lore. It is a collection of Servant and Craft Essence text and translations found in official materials, books and games. It currently does not focus on game-related stats and data.

The site’s backend archtecture also received a major update, switching from React to Svelte, as well as moving its data to GitHub. Many small improvements have also been made around the site.

Given these major changes, TMdict is now version 3!


Full glossary translation for Lord El-Melloi II Case Files material, from TwilightsCall (English) and Akiraka (Chinese), is now a part of our collection.

  • Added Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Glossary (English, Chinese, Japanese).
  • Renamed the Chinese translation of “El-Melloi” from “艾尔梅洛伊” to “埃尔梅罗.”
  • Fixed formatting and translation inconsistencies.
  • Fixed minor site display and filter bugs.


First update of 2020! With this update, the Fate/EXTELLA glossary is now complete. As always, we are always looking for help, please notify us if you notice any translation errors!

  • Added English translation of Fate/EXTELLA glossary.
  • Fixed many translation inconsistencies.


  • Added Fate/EXTELLA glossary (Japanese/Chinese).
  • Added portions of Fate/Zero Animation Visual Guide I English glossary.
  • Fixed glossary formatting, grammar, and translation inconsistencies.


With this update, the Fate/EXTRA glossary is finally complete; missing entries in the Chinese glossary have been filled, and proofreading of the English glossary is now finished. If you notice any more errors, please notify us!

  • Added missing entries to Fate/EXTRA Chinese glossary.
  • Fixed formatting, grammar, and translation inconsistencies in Fate/EXTRA English glossary.
  • Renamed the term “Virtual Spiritron” to “Pseudo-Spiritron.”


The site’s stylesheet has been updated to use responsive design, making it more mobile friendly. There’s also a new glossary, it comes from a small booklet, HibiChika Complete Capture Book, found in the Mahou Tsukai no Hako Box Set sold at the TYPE-MOON booth in C78, its content is mostly random facts and jokes.

  • Site style is now responsive to screen size.
  • Added Mahou Tsukai no Hako Small Encylopedia (Japanese/Chinese).
  • Added images for Fate/Zero Animation Visual Guide I + II.


A content-focused update: added glossary entries from Fate/Zero Animation Visual Guide I and II, as well as fixed many mistakes found in other glossaries.

  • Added Fate/Zero Animation Visual Guide I glossary (Japanese/Chinese).
  • Added Fate/Zero Animation Visual Guide II glossary (Japanese/Chinese).
  • Edited Melty Blood Back Alley Alliance Nightmare Chinese entries.
  • Edited many data/translation/spelling mistakes found in several glossaries.


TMdict is now 2.x.x!

  • Big update to site’s backend architecture, website now uses TypeScript, along with improvements all around.
  • Added Fate/EXTRA English glossary translation into main glossary.
  • Added Fate/EXTRA Japanese glossary.
  • Added partial Fate/EXTRA Chinese glossary.
  • Added Melty Blood Back Alley Alliance Nightmare Japanese, English, and Chinese glossaries.


Minor update, fixed a bunch of transcription errors in the Japanese text of Fate/Apocrypha material and Kara no Kyoukai.

  • Edited transcription errors in Fate/Apocrypha glossary and Kara no Kyoukai glossary (Japanese)


Translation for Fate/Apocrypha material, a collaboration project with 譯月漢化小组 and NanoDesu’s Eternal Dreamer, is now available!

  • Added Fate/Apocrypha Encylopedia (English, Chinese, Japanese)
  • Changed Kara no Kyoukai glossary Chinese entry title to “「 」”
  • Fixed an issue with some entries not sorting correctly in Japanese


Another big update! Aside from correcting various errors and fixing an issue with entry sorting, this update also adds two all new glossaries the site: Tsukihime Dictionary (Colorful MOON Tsukihime) and Melty Blood Glossary (Melty Blood Official Strategy Guidebook).

  • Added Tsukihime Dictionary (English, Chinese, Japanese)
  • Added Melty Blood Glossary (English, Chinese, Japanese)
  • Edited English and Chinese translation errors in Tsukihime and Fate/Zero glossaries
  • Fixed an issue with entries not sorting alphabetically based on EN index


Long time no see! The past few months we’ve been busy upgrading the site’s backend and porting contents to a better database, the codebase is now a lot cleaner and the dictionary database much more scalable and easier to update. This upgrade will also make porting TMdict to mobile apps in the future a reality.

For those who like to see everything on one page, we’ve also added a “Books” section, where you can browse the contents by glossary. The diff feature has been taken down, as everything (including the database) is now available on GitHub and version controlled. Finally, minor edits have been made to several categories and entry translations.

  • Major overhaul of site backend
  • Moved glossary database to SQLite
  • Added books/glossary section
  • Removed glossary diff feature
  • Edited several incorrectly translated/assigned categories
  • Edited Chinese translation errors in Tsukihime glossary


A glossary diff feature has been implemented in order to keep track of changes to site content. Missing entries in the Chinese version of Tsukihime Dictionary Revised (Plus Period) have also been added.

  • Added glossary diff feature to keep track of change
  • Added missing Chinese entries from Tsukihime Dictionary Revised (Dokuhon)


Some big backend changes, the site now supports 3 kinds of entries: 1) entry with a common category, a normal glossary entry with one or more sortable category/tag 2) entry with unique category, an entry with a one-of-a-kind category, non-filterable (since by definition there’s already only one of it), this is to account for a select few glossary formats, and 3) entries with no category, this opens up the possibility to add “non-glossary” entries such as those from Fate/Complete Material 3, think of it more as a future-proof change. Categories are now also clickable and will lead you to a filtered list when clicked. Most of the changes are under-the-hood. In terms of content, entries from Nasu’s Notes. have been added, bumping our version number to 1.1.0.

  • Changed site categorization scheme for future expansion
  • Added Notes. glossary (Dokuhon) Japanese/English/Chinese content


Japanese content from Tsukihime Dictionary (Dokuhon) and Tsukihime Dictionary Revised (Plus Period) have been completely transcribed, proofread, and added to the site. With this update, the version has been incremented to v1.0.0 :)

  • Added Tsukihime Dictionary (Dokuhon) Japanese content
  • Added Tsukihime Dictionary Revised (Dokuhon) Japanese content


Thanks to feedback and suggestions we received from the past week, the site’s backend and database has been completely revamped, and the default ordering and URL of the glossary terms is now Japanese instead of English.

  • Added missing Kara no Kyoukai Japanese entry “Orange Bag”
  • Changed default sorting and URL order changed from English to Japanese
  • Changed database format to support flexible sorting based on language
  • Changed standardized Chinese name (Arcueid, Ciel, Sion, Roa, etc.)
  • Edited Japanese entry typos (コペンハーゲン, 両儀識)
  • Edited overall Chinese content as result of comprehensive proofreading/editing


Hello, World!

  • Site launched!