A mysterious and dashing heroine who suddenly appears on the chaotic new SE.RA.PH.
Like Iskandar, she is a Top Servant.
Her true identity is shrouded in mystery, and there are no plans to reveal it during EXTELLA.
She is here strictly to play a cameo role. Her stance is, “I don’t really know anything about Altera, but all I have to do is defeat evil, right?” Because she is utterly free to do as she likes, she fits in no matter where she goes.
Since she has no influence on the main story, she has no real reason to be concerned with its proceedings.
Yet despite her seemingly unimportant role, Artoria also has the responsibility of cutting down and killing Altera with Excalibur if she becomes too much to handle. She is truly the final answer.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ The “official” English localization is Altria, in Extella her name is localized to Artoria.
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