Archer (Green)

Green Archer is a Servant who the protagonist fights in the second round.
His Master is Dan Blackmore.
He is a sniper whose body is hidden in a green cloak. In order to avoid confusion with the red-cloaked Archer, he is sometimes called Ryokucha1.
His true name is Robin Hood, Hunter of the Forest.
It’s important to note that he is not the Robin Hood you know from popular legend. Instead Green Archer is a chivalrous robber whom the original Robin Hood was based on.
The original Green Archer was a troublemaking orphan who lived alone on the outskirts of a village. In a twist of fate he became involved in an ordeal with some of the Lord’s soldiers who came around town for tax collection.
The Lord had recently succeeded as head of the family, and he was taking the opportunity to raise taxes to the point where he was essentially telling the villagers to starve to death.
The villagers lacked both the desire and the power to go against the Lord.
So Robin didn’t do it for the villagers, but instead cast himself as a protector of the forest who would punish any who violated it. He drove off the soldiers using this as his excuse. From then on he kept his identity hidden and continued to fight the Lord. Eventually he became known amongst the villagers as The Green Man.
Traps, surprise attacks, and foul play formed the core of Robin Hood’s tactics, so as a Servant he generally avoids head on confrontation.
He tries to lure his prey into the forest, which is his true territory.
“You could call my territory a ‘nice forest.’
Complete preparation. An overwhelming network of tricks and traps.
A place for the weak to shoot and bring down stronger foe.
That’s my Sherwood Forest.”
His trump card is poison obtained from plants in the forest.
Actually Green Archer and Cas-ko share similarity as poison users.

Robin Hood appears in “The Tale of Robin Hood” and is a chivalrous robber that lurks in Sherwood forest. Depicted as a hero of justice that fights against the Tyrant King John Lackland, he is a character born from a fusion of Greek myths about Orion, Celtic myths about fairies, and Druid beliefs.
There was a real person after whom he was modeled; however the model is also thought to be the result of a mix of multiple people. From the 16th century onwards he was thought to be someone who lived in the time of King Lionheart.
His true identity is veiled, however there was certainly someone from whom he originated from.
That someone was a hero who fought not for themselves, but for the benefit of other people.
But then, after death, they were destined to be forgotten.
(If you look at it from this perspective, both Red and Green Archers share similar personalities.)2

Robin Hood was handsome enough to make any naive village girl fall for him with a single look.
That being said, he was very kind and a rather timid man, so not exactly the perfect lady-killer.
He would often act frivolously to hide his naive fixation on justice. But his creed always puts life over death.

“Pride or idleness are great and all, but it’s all over if you die, right?”

It follows that he held the small-town-minded desire of just wanting something warm and pleasant to be waiting for him after surviving to the end of the conflict. However it stands that he never managed to achieve this.
To be blunt, he had a childish, ill-tempered perspective of the world. Passing over whatever with a simple “Well I guess that’s the way it is.”
After being hated by the villagers [for the trouble he caused when he was young] he learned to simply go with the flow, and often told himself, “Don’t meddle too deeply in the affairs of others.”
Nevertheless he had a love for people and whenever he saw people having fun he would somehow manage to slip himself into the group. He would end up as someone who was less than a friend, but more than a stranger.
His main attribute is virtue, so he loathes evil people, but finds no fault with good people (ordinary people). Although he twists the world around him, he would never sneer at the effort of others, however fruitless it may be.
At the root of his character is his strong sense of shame about his despicable nature, also known as inferiority complex.

Robin Hood is summoned as the Servant Archer, and his has poor compatibility with his Master (Dan). Throughout his lifetime he managed to stay alive by employing “cowardice tactics” such as surprise attacks, assassination, and destructive traps. Therefore Dan’s knightly mentality is something of a hindrance to Robin.
When it comes to the Holy Grail War, what effect does this incompatibility have on Robin’s smoldering wish (his desire of the Grail)? To find out, please refer to the game contents.
It must be mentioned that despite being ideologically incompatible with Dan, their personal relationship is rather good. Although Robin can’t follow along with Dan’s knightly mentality, Dan is a man of justice, just like Robin is. As such, Robin reluctantly obeys his orders.
His reluctance is not due to prejudice, but rather because they are polar opposites.
Dan is impervious to trickery and deception, so Ryokucha (Green Archer) can’t help but scratch his head, “I wound up with another pain in the ass again.”

Green Archer: “Nitpicking at every little thing isn’t going to defeat our enemies. Oh well I guess it’s fine. I’m used to adversity after all. I’ll follow along obediently without a single complaint.”
Dan: “Archer, just my opinion, but isn’t what you just said generally considered to be a complaint?”
Green Archer: “Eh? Ah, yep that’s right. You’ve got me there.”

The old veteran warrior and the young philosophical greenback.
This is the battle style of this team.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Green tea, which sounds similar to Green Archer.
  2. ^ Here personality was expressly written in katakana, but it feels like it should probably be “share a similar fate.”
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