8 Life forms that appeared near the end of the war. Unknown existences.
Not only their appearance, but each of their biology differs significantly.
The reason they used this name is a mystery, but the origin is probably a scientist from the old age.
Considering mankind and A-ray as their enemies, they repetitively attacked them indiscriminately. Mankind were broken their platform completely, and the hundred A-rays decreased in number significantly by them.
After the Great War was over, they slowed down their activity by the sea of clouds that covered the sky, but they still continue to slaughter the living things on the planet.
Since then, the human species and the A-rays ceased fire, and till they destroy the common enemy, they grouped themselves together as the human race.

Angel Voice: Notes.

Life forms that came from the other planets.
They were the strongest life forms on their respective planets, and each of them had the power to wipe out all the remaining living beings in this world.
The name Aristoteles was given by the humans, and they have no such things in the first place. The Aristoteles don’t fight each other, and they just freely fly around killing things.
Several Aristoteles among them contacted mankind learning about this planet’s concept of “knowledge.”
After Type-Saturn, who received orders from their respective planets and sent it to the others, got eliminated, they entered a final war with the human race.

Angel Voice: Notes.