Asagami Fujino

A girl in her late teens. She is one of the three that made contact with Shiki et al. A natural psychic power user.
Fujino is a student of the Reien Girls Academy. Although the Academy rarely allows students to go outside, Fujino is allowed to enter the city twice a month due to periodic medical appointments. She is one of the triggers of the events in the story.
Although she has a mild and passive personality, Fujino is the type that cannot stop on her own accord after straying once. Because she lacks some type of sensation, she cannot truly experience things despite having knowledge and common sense. Compared to Shiki who lacks a sense of existence, Fujino is someone who is similar yet different.
Pure statistics-wise, Fujino has the greatest ability in this tale.
In the latter half of the incident, Fujino temporarily reverted back to an infantile state due to her thoughts being paralyzed by pain.
In the story, Asagami Fujino walked onto the bridge in order to feel the beating of the memorable summer rain.

Garden of sinners Pamphlet: Kara no Kyoukai Settings Glossary