Asheara Mystras

One of the five who entered the Spiritual Tomb of Albion with Kurou, and who eventually ended up as one of Doctor Heartless’ students. Her elemental affinity is Water. Her specialty is Elemental Conversion Magecraft.
As was stated during the story, she is the adopted daughter of Magdanel. The story of how she ended up being adopted is essentially as Magdanel explained. Of course, Magdanel decided to include her in the Albion Investigation team in order to get ahead of the other factions, but the idea of going out of his way to adopt her formally was simply because he took a liking to her way of life.
She was not particularly unhappy with Kurou’s faint feelings for her. So, when Kurou entreated Magdanel for guidance, and he inevitably ended up making contact with Heartless, she also entered Heartless’ tutelage, trying numerous times to get him back on the right path.
But in the end, all her efforts were for naught, and she ended up having to take his life herself. Perhaps she was the one most manipulated by the Clock Tower’s scheming
“Hey, Kurou.”
“What’s up?”
“I don’t particularly dislike the underground, you know. It’s scary, but there is so much more to be gained than that.”
One is left to wonder whether she remembers that conversation from long ago.

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