Atlas Alchemists

Alchemists affiliated with the Atlas Institute.
They specialize in thought partitioning and thought acceleration, techniques that make use of the human body as an arithmetic unit.
Their way of thinking concerning their body (flesh) is also unique. That is, they do not believe that the brain exists to control the body, but rather that the body exists solely so that the brain may function more effectively.
If you just want a mathematical prodigy, there’s no need for an alchemist—an engineer would do just fine. What sets apart an alchemist is that for them, the human body in its entirety (body, mind, and soul) is a unit for calculating, executing, and nurturing events.
Also, they typically have very few magic circuits, the proof that one is a magus. Though this means that on their own they cannot use nature interference sorceries at all, they’re perfectly okay with that. As far as they’re concerned, there’s no need to be strong themselves, because they can just make up for it by creating the strongest weapons.

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