Dark Jade Fist

Hisui’s Arc Drive. Rotating both arms, she stores up a mysterious energy, then shoots it forward in a home-maid killer move. It seems that she’s fueling the attack with her complaints and dissatisfaction toward the excessively harsh manual labor she’s put through every day. Huh? Could this be a new form of malignant information…?
It’s quite useful for a projectile technique, since it lingers for a bit after it’s shot and pressures the opponent. During Blood Heat it becomes the Grand Dark Jade Fist, which has the power to shake the very earth itself.
The source of the technique is the mystery story “Imogirisou” in Kagetsu Tohya. It’s a reproduction of the action demonstrated by Hisui when she was possessed by the evil spirit.

MB Act Cadenza PS2 Manual: Tsukihime Dictionary