Psychic Power

① People with these powers are born with the innate ability to use parts of their brain that regular people cannot. This is the source of their powers
② Counter-force born from the subconscious of a person.
③ Not the same as interfering with nature. Psychic powers are in a completely different category.
④ Currently, psychic powers generally do not compare to interference with nature in raw power and potential.
⑤ Since these powers are inborn and innate, they are usually limited to the individual who possesses them (and not passed down from parent to child).

Colorful MOON Tsukihime: Tsukihime Dictionary

Abnormal ability. Functions that normal humans do not possess. A kind of circuitry that leads to what are commonly called paranormal activities.
Different from magecraft, inborn talents are absolutely necessary for psychic power. Those possessing psychic power circuits can induce paranormal phenomenon as naturally as breathing. The psychic power users themselves take psychic power for granted, and treat it as something they simply “can do.” They only realize that they are abnormal after others (who can only comprehend “normal”) have pointed it out.
In this story, Asagami Fujino is an psychic power user, but since she was tampered with somewhat, her ability falls between psychic power and magecraft.
Psychic power is normally an incidental occurrence, a sudden mutation limited to one generation.

Garden of sinners Pamphlet: Kara no Kyoukai Settings Glossary

Special abilities endowed to the body from birth such as those possessed by Shiki, Kohaku and Hisui are known as physic abilities.
Whether it be through training or studies, they are impossible to obtain after birth, no matter the method.
Through successive inbreeding, it’s possible to pass these psychic abilities on to some extent, even if it’s not possible to perfectly reproduce the ability possessed by the parent.
Shiki could be seen as an even further mutation, as he belongs to the Nanaya clan, who have passed along one of these mutations for generations.
(*The Nanayas’ special ability is not associated with “death,” but rather concerns “karma.” The reason this altered into “death” in Shiki’s case is because of his near-death experience)

Katatuki Kouhon: World & Tsukihime Character Setting