Excalibur Galatine

The Resurrected Sword of Victory.
This is Gawain’s anti-army Noble Phantasm. It is a holy sword with a pseudo-sun sealed within it’s hilt.
This holy sword is from the legends about King Arthur. It is a sister sword to Excalibur. Excalibur is a anti-fortress Noble Phantasm, but Excalibur Galatine is anti-army.
King Arthur’s sword holds starlight within the hilt, while Sir Gawain’s sword holds what’s the equivalent to the sun’s rays.
Excalibur’s attack is focused on a single target or point, but Galatine’s attack shoots out in a wide horizontal arc in order to eliminate large swathes of approaching enemy troops.
The Lady of the Lake is the original owner of both Galatine and Excalibur. Galatine is overshadowed by Excalibur in legends, and not much is said about it.
The stories about Galatine were mostly crushed by the popularity of Excalibur, and few remain known today.
From the few stories that remain, all we know is that the sword would manifest the greatest amount of power at noon (similar to Gawain), and that the blade was so well made that it never got nicked or dulled.
The blade was so sharp that it cut completely through Saracen Soldier Priamus’ shield and chain mail in a single stroke.
Whereas Arthur is protected by the night (He is of the pedigree of Alto, Artemis, and other such Goddesses of the Moon), Gawain is the blessed knight of the sun. The color of the sun radiates out when Gawain uses his Noble Phantasm, and it represents the suns rays. Galatine’s prototype was Caladborg. Caladborg was as long as a rainbow, and had enough power to cut off the top of a hill. Caladborg was a magic sword that could shoot out light like a rainbow.
Galatine is similar to Caladborg. By drawing Galatine from its sheath and supplying magic energy, the pseudo-sun inside the hilt activates and the cutting edge extends as far as the eye can see.
How should I put it… it can extend to about 13 kilometers.

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