Hero Altera

An avatar split off from “Titan Altera.”
As a pseudo-Servant created by the titan to freely move around SE.RA.PH. When the titan is in sleep mode, she sees through Hero Altera’s eyes in an experience similar to a dream.
Titan Altera was able to create pseudo-Servant “Hero Altera” after obtaining the Main Character as Master, as such, Hero Altera still requires a Master [the Main Character] in order to exist in a tangible form. Without the Main Character at her side, she would have no mana source, and would be unable to act.
Her personality is exactly the same as the version of Altera who walked the fields of the Earth (better known as Attila the Hun). Of Altera’s three personalities, Hero Altera most clearly exhibits the traits of the God of War.
She wields the Sword of Mars, a tricolored blade of light. As a Servant of the Umbral Star, she feeds on the data inside of SE.RA.PH. She leads the warped “Forces of Destruction.”
She refers to the Main Character as “My Captive,” and uses him or her as a tool. At least at the beginning.
Cold-hearted and cruel, she seems like a killing machine without a shred of emotion, but is there more behind her stoic facade? You’ll have to play the game to find out.
She is brash and straightforward, as opposed to Titan Altera, who keeps many of her true thoughts pent up inside out of guilt.
Creating the Hero Altera avatar drained Titan Altera’s resources greatly, so much that she actually shrank as a result, dropping from 34 meters, her size when she was sealed away, to 16 meters.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Can also be translated as “Servant Altera.”
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