World of EXTRA

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“The minds of people became used to being managed and regulated, and civilization stagnated. There are no great tragedies, however there are also no new discoveries. Everyone is pessimistic in this flavorless world where you can only await death. This is our ’reality’.”

Fate/EXTRA is set on Earth in 2030.
The world of EXTRA differs from that of Fate/stay night in that it has a different time line and events starting from 1970. History took a different path.
Mana, the energy required to carry out large scale magic, has dried up, and real magic has been lost from Earth.
The magicians of old have disappeared from center stage, and the era of magic has drawn to a complete close.
From then on those who called themselves “magus” came to represent Spiritron Hackers, a new generation of mankind.

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