Blaze of Etna (Emberglow Armor)

Dragon Cage Crust: a dragon’s flesh constructed in three stages: Dragon Core Ignition, Dragon Circuit Deployment, and Dragon Cage Incarnation.
Armaments inverting the concept of the Mt. Etna which sealed the Progenitor Dragon Typhon.
It’s used as a device that inverts the seal, holds the dragon’s power in humanoid shape, and restrains Typhon.
In other words, to crush this armor, you’d need enough power to destroy Mt. Etna.
The outer plate of the armor always has magma-like red lines running through it.
It looks like a helmetless mix between a Kamen Rider suit, Final Fantasy Dragoon armor, and Final Fantasy Dark Knight armor. Alternatively s-CRY-ed’s 3rd form or Knight Blazer.

TYPE-MOON BOOKS material: The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II Glossary