Bridal Chest / Blasted Tree

Maiden’s Chastity
Lightning Branch of Crucifixion. The Noble Phantasm of Berserker of “Black”, Frankenstein. To be precise, “Bridal Chest” is the Noble Phantasm, and “Blasted Tree” is a derivative of it. “Bridal Chest” serves as Frankenstein’s heart. Viktor took out her heart and modified it into a sturdy mace. Through a remote link, “Bridal Chest” provides Frankenstein with enormous power by sucking in the residual mana in the environment. It is a pseudo-Type II Perpetual Motion Machine. “Blasted Tree” is an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm that uses the mana from “Bridal Chest” and converts it into lightning, before discharging it all at once.
Since she is a modern era Heroic Spirit, its output is low, but as you already know, this Noble Phantasm served an extremely crucial role in the novels.
This is a digression, but the lack of the skill “Galvanism” in Frankenstein’s Servant data in the third volume was a mistake. I’m very sorry for that.

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