Brynhildr Romantia

Till Death Do Us Part.1
The anti-mind Noble Phantasm that BB bestows upon the Alter Egos.
This Noble Phantasm is the product of an illegal modification to a normal Noble Phantasm, so its name and effects deviate slightly from the original.
The Servant that became the material used for this Noble Phantasm is the Valkyrie Brynhildr from the Volsunga Saga.
This Noble Phantasm is the spear of love and hate that Brynhildr brandishes to get her revenge on her husband Sigurd who betrayed her and damaged her honor and reputation.
Strictly speaking it’s not a true spear. It is Brynhildr’s intense feelings of love and hate toward her husband that have taken the shape of a spear.
The deeper the love one has for the target of this Noble Phanstasm, the more accurate and damaging it becomes. This weapon will never let their loved one get away, even if their love is completely one-sided.
The immediate death effect comes from Passionlip’s Trash & Crash.
By the way, the original design had a grab-and-throw move.
If it locked on to you, you were done for. It would also increase Passionlip’s defense rating 10x, putting her in a super armored state where there is no worry of being significantly damaged. Passionlip advances like a heavy tank, and her claws that changed into the shape of lips would devour the enemy.
Then, due to using too much power when clenching her claws, her claws would pierce through herself, and both her and her target would take huge damage, and both be wiped out… or something like that.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Can be translated more literally as ”Until Death Divide the Two Apart.”
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