Disciplinary Chairperson

She is an NPC found in front of the stairs in the Old School Building.
She is one of the few High Level AIs, and has more authority than Sakura but less than Kotomine. She scornfully treats humans as inferior creatures of the old world, even the Masters.
She holds Moon Cell’s rules to be absolute. During the irregular situation that arises, all the other NPCs are running around in confusion, and she is the only one with a clear plan to escape the problem, but…
After BB arrives in the school, if you try talking to the Disciplinary Chairperson, well, the result is as expected.
However, no matter how many problems she has in her information processing algorithms, she is just an innocent tsundere. I’m sure that Zabio/Zabiko wants to save her if possible.
So yeah, you can actually save her.
Got that Zabi? At times like this you have to use reverse psychology. If you talk to her, BB will erase her, so that means you need to ignore her until after BB is eliminated1.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ The Japanese used for eliminated could also mean “until BB goes away/disappears.” I’m not sure which is appropriate as far as the game goes.
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