Engulfing Forest

The common name of Einnashe. It was also called the Sentient Forest.
A magical creature that was active every fifty years. It was a blood-sucking demonic forest that not only targets humans, but also other creatures that dared to tread into it.
The forest was filled with instruments of death. The tree branches were sufficient to wound creatures even when still, but while Ennashe was active, they all assaulted with the intent to kill. One can only imagine the view of such an alien realm.
During periods of activity, blood began to perfuse all the branches and roots. They entire forest flashed dark red. The scenery could be said to be Hell itself.
It was thought to be a Reality Marble.12

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Merem’s theory, and it was proven wrong in the story.
  2. ^ “It was thought to be a Reality Marble” was appended in Plus Period, it did not appear in the original glossary in Yoi No Myoujou.
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