This is the city management system implemented by the West Europe Plutocracy.
It created a utopia without conflict.
Or possibly a dystopia that has reduced the self-awareness of the people.
In this harmonious city system the ruling class and worker class are clearly separated, and even if you are part of the ruling class your future is precisely managed.
There is no racial discrimination, and treatment only differs based on actual ability.
There is no stipulation that all humans are made equal, and it is deemed enough as long as people are equal within their group.
This amounts to extreme racial discrimination, but this is one possible version of a perfect society.
The West Europe Plutocracy subjugates any hostile forces on their mission to push forward and unify the planet under this system that they think is ideal.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Can also be translated to Firm (like a company) or Form, but impossible to tell from the katakana name, and the contents don’t help much either…
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