Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia

A Master of the “Black” Camp. The current head of the Forvedge family. Due to the Magic Circuits in both her legs being deformed, she lost the ability to walk. Her latent skill as a magus luckily exceeds Darnic, and she would definitely rise from Frame (youngest child) to Cause (open rank) once she grows up. And her outstanding talent is so great that she was expected to rise even further.
However, she herself doesn’t know anything besides magecraft and is truly a researcher-type magus. She’s so ignorant of the rest of the world that she seriously asked in confusion, “The Net? You mean some kind of netting?” However, by contrast, she has great curiosity and badgered Caules over his cell phone and got him to buy one for her too.
Her skill as a magus is undoubtedly first rate, but because she was too exceptional, she never confronted the actual work of a magus at all. An obvious example is her memories of that stray dog. Fiore never forget her memory of it and continued to face it without ever shelving it away. She understood that it was something absolutely unneeded to a magus (especially for a magus in the Spiritual Evocation department), but she wasn’t able to throw it away, a sentiment that is far too much like that of a proper and decent human being.
She treats Caules as a cute little brother and in fact half-depends on him—but she isn’t self-aware of this at all and tries to act like a dependable older sister. Caules never boorishly points this out, which makes her all the more delightedly absorbed in being an older sister.
She uses Spiritual Evocation Magecraft, but she doesn’t communicate or have herself possessed by spirits directly, instead favoring Mystic Codes made of mechanical parts which have several animal spirits inserted into them.
After giving up the path of a magus in the novels, she tackles the struggle of rehabilitation for her legs. After that, her life will likely be quite stimulating for a girl who knew nothing but magecraft until then. Of course, her continued regret over giving up magecraft will also remain for her whole life, though.

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