A magus of the Association.
A rare magus who experienced gruesome melees such as protecting Seal-Designed Magi and recovering grimoire.
Forte favoured spells called Aero Strikes, and the sword acted as the magical staff.
There were three orifices on the body of the sword, thus the sword was not quite fit for slashing. The purpose of the orifices was to generate sound. Slashing the sword generated a resonant effect, producing an invisible impact on the target.
She looked like a blade-wielding swordsman, but this swordsman performed her swordplay hundreds of meters away from her opponent.
The oldest daughter of a mage lineage of many generations. It seemed like she encountered Aozaki, who also shared the Wind Element, several times.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ It was original categorized as “person” in Yoi No Myoujou. In Plus Period the term was changed to “name” and “nickname.”
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