Fujimura Taiga

A mysterious woman who hangs around the Emiya residence. Well, really she’s just an English teacher. Her primary goal in life is to kick back and take it easy at Shirou’s house.
She hates the fact that her name is Taiga, and if you call her Tiger she’ll get mad. And cry.
Her personality is like the sun, but her self-indulgent tendencies make me worry about her prospects for the future…
In Sakura’s true end, everybody else has grown up and matured, but Fuji-nee is the same as ever. In fact, I suspect she hasn’t aged a day since twenty.
She was a famed swordswoman in her student days, and was the kendo club’s idol. Also, she has been frequently visiting the Emiya residence ever since Emiya Kiritsugu moved in.
It seems that for her, meeting Kiritsugu was something like love at first sight, and she would always end up quarrelling with Shirou when she came over. Eventually, though, they made up, and settled into their current relationship.
A character loved by the entire staff. During the
plotting stage, she was more of a proper older sister type.
…Weird, it’s weird. What kind of terrible blunder is
responsible for turning her into her current form…?
The image below is Fuji-nee as a high school student.

Fate/side material: Fate Encyclopedia

The secret heroine of Fate/Zero. One fateful winter day, a cask of extremely high-quality wine was stolen from the liquor store run by the family of one of her classmates. In response, she took up her Tora-Shinai and gallantly dashed out into the nighttime Fuyuki, where bizarre murderers and urban guerrillas ran rampant. Despite the danger, she actually accomplished quite a lot, with her list of heroic deeds ranging from catching an underwear thief to saving a lost puppy. And due to the butterfly effect, her furious charge through town also prevented a devastating earthquake, enshrined a sea god, and even caused a huge asteroid on a collision course with Fuyuki to vanish without a trace. But though she averted disaster after disaster at a frightening pace, sadly, this epic saga can only be deciphered by reading between the lines with spiritual vision.

Fate/Zero material: Fate/Zero Encylopedia

English teacher at Hotaruhara Academy. She watched over Emiya Shirou from a young age and is sort of like a big sister to him… something like that. You can never be quite sure what she wants to do. Brrr.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ ぶろろー, probably sound of motorcycle.
HibiChika Complete Capture Book: Mahou Tsukai no Hako Small Encylopedia

A high school girl who has taken a liking to Kiritsugu and frequently shows up at the Emiya Residence. Granddaughter of Fujimura Raiga, the head of the Fujimura Group. She is somewhat like an older sister to Shirou.

Fate/Zero Animation Guide II: Glossary of the holy grail war II