Sion after she has completely changed into a vampire.
The master of statistics and random numbers, who started carrying out the Tatari as Wallachia’s successor. You could say she’s Black Sion.
She was a hidden character in the original Melty Blood, but as of Re-ACT she’s selectable by default.
In this form she does not use her Etherlite very much, preferring instead to attack with her own claws. Her Arc Drive, Cruel Blood, is Melty Blood’s one-and-only act of bloodsucking. It’s an appropriate Arc Drive for the guest heroine that represents Melty Blood itself, don’t you think?
She inherited Wallachia’s “Cut, cut, cut!,” but her version is dignified and cute. Oh, and her casual win pose is pretty sexy, don’t you think?

Tsukihime Dokuhon Plus Period: Tsukihime Dictionary Revised