Báthory Erzsébet

Fresh Blood Demoness.
Red Lancer’s (Elizabeth Bathory) Noble Phantasm.
The naming of her Noble Phantasm (which uses the native reading of her name) follows the style also used in EXTRA for Lancer Prince Vlad.
As we all know, both the lives of Elizabeth and Vlad were used as a base for modern vampire legends.
Fresh Blood Demoness is Elizabeth’s anti-pig…err anti-army Noble Phantasm. It is her Dragon Breath attack used to its maximum potential.
Elizabeth brings out the Csejte Castle that she controlled during her life, and booms out a terrifying supersonic attack from her acoustically destructive weapon.1
According to Cas-ko it’s just like the monstrous combination of gorilla and whale breath.
After learning about Japanese culture, she got hooked on the idea of becoming an extreme idol, “As a noble, I will confer the greatest of honors and rewards to those who are heading to their death!” Apparently.
However, as expected, she is too radical and ahead of the curve, and the only one who understands her is Red Saber. Certainly a sad turn of events.
Will it happen? The second debut of a golden star?

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ In the game her castle is a giant speaker.
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