Bersac Blackmore

Blackmore’s gravekeeper.
Most of Gray’s combat ability was beaten into her by this man.
If wondering why his own combat abilities were so high, though meaning behind it has more or less been lost at this point, he was the last descendent of the Blackmore bloodline. The magecraft he used in his five minute exchange with Sister Ilumia was also a product of his family, who were a family of Soul Carriers.
In Gray’s hometown, (aside from Magdalena, who was only acting the part) he was perhaps the only person that didn’t think of her as some sort of divine child. Though she was named to succeed him as gravekeeper, to have her life ended because she became the vessel for some past hero was too sad for him.
Though Bersac, being poor with speech, never was able to say such a thing…his feelings were certainly passed on to Gray.

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