Hecatic Wheel

Originally, the Noble Phantasm of Iskandar, Gordius Wheel.
Due to the skill “He is Another Iskandar (Fake)” that Faker possesses, she has also gained this Noble Phantasm. However, while Iskandar’s chariot is pulled by a pair of divine bulls, hers is pulled by magically animated bone dragons.
Compared to the original Gordius Wheel, it’s Rank and power have diminished considerably, but in exchange it is capable of many more things. One is the autopilot feature shown in Grand Roll. In addition, if Faker pours her own magical energy into it, it is capable of exhibiting a level of power similar to the original Gordius Wheel.
The name “Hecatic” is derived from the goddess Hecate, from whom Faker’s lineage of magecraft from the Age of Gods finds its source. Though faint, there is some connection to the Caster of the Fifth Holy Grail War.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Wheel of Demonic Heaven
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