Masochistic Constitution

This is one of Passionlip’s id_es skills.
In group battles Passionlip uses this skill to focus the enemies’ hate on her and increase the chance that she will end up as the target of their attacks.
Players tend to think there is no benefit to this skill, but if a character with strong defensive stats is given this skill, they can function as an amazing defender.
This skill also slightly increases defensive stats, and when it is upgraded to A Rank the skill gains yet another special effect; the more an enemy attacks the user of this skill, the more they lose their ability to reason, and before they know it the only thing they can think of is the user of this skill.
In one-on-one battles using this skill will just end up with you dying, but it’s incredibly useful in party battles. In modern hack-and-slash games it’s hard to make it through a dungeon without a character to tank lots of damage.

Translator’s Notes
  1. ^ Also known as “Masochistic Predisposition,” “Quality as a Target of Abuse” and “Predisposition to Suffering.”
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