Phoebus Catastrophe

Complaint Message on the Arrow. The Anti-Army Noble Phantasm of Archer of “Red,” Atalanta. Since her other Noble Phantasm is an unmanageable Mad Enhancement-type Noble Phantasm, a Master would have to make Atalanta fight using this Noble Phantasm as the focal point in order to actually make proper use of her.
She makes a prayer to both Apollo and Artemis, which then causes countless arrows to shoot down from the sky. Its other name, “Soul-Chasing and Life-Stealing Sword,” is incorrect. Also, in Complete Material, it was written that it could only attack either men or women at a single time, but that made it too hard to use so it was revised.
Like when she used it against Berserker of “Red,” Spartacus, in the second volume, it can be used to shoot a narrower area as well, making it a very convenient Noble Phantasm. Though the damage dealt by each individual arrow is small, they attack in great numbers, so the Noble Phantasm is strong against Servants who have low endurance and high agility. Just like she herself is.

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