Yew Bow

Bow of Prayer.
This is Green Archer’s anti-unit Noble Phantasm.
It was made from the wood of a yew tree in Sherwood Forest, which is the forest Robin Hood uses as a base of operations.
It is both his regular bow, and his trump card.
If you are hit by this bow while poisoned you will suffer extreme damage. Make sure you don’t forget to be well equipped with poison antidotes before you fight Green Archer.
Yew trees are holy to the Celts and Northern Europeans, and creating a bow from a Sherwood yew tree is a symbolic ritual for becoming one with the forest.
Yew trees are considered to be connected to the underworld. Robin Hood knew of this special characteristic, and towards the end of his years he declared, “I want to be buried where this arrow falls” and then loosed an arrow into the forest. The arrow pierced the base of a yew tree, and that is where Robin Hood is said to have been buried.
It was by this sequence of events that his bow made from only the wood of a yew tree came to be imbued with enough power to be used as a Noble Phantasm.
His yew bow houses supernatural powers such as the extremely strong poison from the yew tree, and the ability to reproduce Sherwood Forest.

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