Chaldean Timeline

1950 A.D.

Success of the Cyber-Daemon “LAPLACE”
Chaldea, start of establishment in XX

1990 A.D.

Completion of the Global Environment Model “CHALDEAS” (Prototype No.1)
(Transported from XXXXXXX)
Due to a lack of funds and materials, the activation of CHALDEAS is abandoned

1999 A.D.

Completion of the Near-Future Observation Lens “SHEBA”

2000 A.D.

Development of Heroic Spirit fusion unit at Chaldea
Birth of Mash

2004 A.D.

Marisbury, success in the summon of a Heroic Spirit at a certain place
Victory in the Holy Grail War
Beginning of the CHALDEAS test operation
Drafting of the Guardian Heroic Spirit Summoning System “FATE”

2005 A.D.

Romani Archaman, new appointment at Chaldea

2010 A.D.

Guardian Heroic Spirit Summoning No.2, success in spite of the refusal to manifest Spirit Origin
Roman, becomes Mash’s primary physician.
Establishment of the Guardian Heroic Spirit Summoning System “FATE”

2012 A.D.

Animusphere Director, death
Guardian Heroic Spirit No. 3, summoned. However, it refuses to contract with a Master and remained as a Rogue Servant

2013 A.D.

Olga Marie, new appointment

2014 A.D.

Mash, 14 years old
Debuts working as a staff

2016 A.D.

The lights of civilization disappear from CHALDEAS
Start of the main story

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