Cursed Cutting Crater

An anti-planet Noble Phantasm. It’s an attack that violates the world through BB’s control over Moon Cell. It’s also called a pseudo-spiritron trap.
By drawing out the maximum potential of BB’s EX skill Potnia Theron, a world purge via rewriting of events is carried out.
The space that BB invades becomes an imaginary space and it becomes a curse that eclipses the world. Just like its name C.C.C. it causes huge damage from the curse cutting away at reality.
The name “Cursed” is based on the image of a giant spoon that scoops out the surface of the Moon and turns it into a cursed space (the imaginary space).
During development when the game’s concept was still being decided, we considered making it a Noble Phantasm that was homage to Black Sakura.

  1. Camera: Close up of BB followed by a rapid zoom out of the camera. The sky behind BB becomes black. BB, as if to welcome a man, spreads her arms wide and then melts into the darkness of the background.
  2. The camera is placed even farther away; the goal is not to show the characters, but to show the backdrop and scenery. The camera shows the ground which appears to be tilted diagonally. The tilted ground and horizon make the viewer feel uneasy. The camera is pulled far back, so the horizon can be seen more clearly. On the other side of the horizon is a phantasm of a giant BB (homage to Black Sakura).
  3. The giant Black Sakura, with a bewitching laugh, then reaches out and scoops up the ground that the protagonist is standing on. It looks as easy as if she just scooped out a bite of pudding.
  4. The giant Black Sakura closes her hand and crushes everything in her hand, protagonist and all. It’s great if you can tell this is homage to the scene in Fate/stay night where Black Sakura crushes the insects of Matou Zouken.

…is what we wanted to do, but the cost to design and implement this Noble Phantasm and Black Sakura from scratch was high enough that we decided to use the money elsewhere. Hence it was axed.
Like BB says, money isn’t unlimited. In order to get the Servants all dressed up in their swimsuits, there had to be some cuts in other areas of the game.

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