God Child

In an era in which the mortality rate of infants was high, immature children were closer to death than adults —In other words there was an approach in which they were thought to be beings close to “things that can’t exist in this world.” Moreover, there have been legends since ancient times in which gods, as well as equal rebellious beings, appeared under the form of a child. That might be the proof that people detected divinity in the innocent beings that are children. The faith of the God Child is an instance of such thoughts.
“Amidst the gods until the seventh”
A religion/legend in which, with that age reckoning, children until they reach the age of seven are not seen as humans but as beings closer to a god or a spirit. That is commonly just a connotation of the level of, for example, “being granted the role of a god at a festival” or “being taken care of by the adults as the symbol of the faith,” but in the land of Fuyuki there was a Mystery that reached the real thing.

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