Kagetsu Tohya

A continuation of Tsukihime. Chronologically, it’s a sequel, so it’s meant to be enjoyed after the main story.
It’s the story of a certain summer, revolving around the familiar, Len. It was released in the summer of 2001.
As a fandisc, it was an all-out summer festival created as a thank you to all the users who had bought Tsukihime. We wanted it to be as fun for the players to play it as it was for us to make it, and looking back now that passion was probably the game’s main selling point.
We tried to create an entire encapsulated world in the format of a visual novel, but unfortunately that led to a high degree of difficulty, which in turn garnered a lot of criticism. So, sorry about that.
Also, it was in Kagetsu Tohya that Kohaku’s character began to run wild, a trend that continued in Melty Blood.

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