Kara no Kyoukai

A serial novel published on the Bamboo Broom home page in 1998.
It was born from the prototype of Tsukihime’s plot, but as a story it predates Tsukihime. Though on the surface it may seem that the only thing the two works have in common is “a protagonist with eyes that can see death,” the connection actually runs deeper than that. The protagonist in Kara no Kyoukai is Ryougi Shiki, just like the protagonist in Tsukihime is Tohno Shiki. In other words, the “Shiki” in Tsukihime inherited his name from the “Shiki” in Kara no Kyoukai. While the meanings may be different, the protagonists are the same.
As of right now (2004), it has been published by Kodansha Novels and is currently in print.

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