Karmaglyph Melissa Deluc.
“Woah, woah, woah, I know that status-wise I’m the leader of the Neutral Faction, but I’m from the puny Eleventh Department. I cannot be compared to the previous El-Melloi.”
“Hey, El-Melloi II, don’t you think it’s unfair for you to monopolize all the fun of the adventure?”
Lord Meluastea.
Has two attributes: Earth and Ether. He is the Lord of Archeology, and now also the Dean of Mineralogy.
The simplest way to describe him is as a Mage Indiana Jones capable of utilizing the treasures he collected.
He uses Shoot the Moon(Silver-corded Instant-arc), a mystic bow normally hidden in his suit. The mystic bow is capable of several different types of shots and can be used for excavation. Aside from its bow form, it can also morph into a hookshot wire or an emergency crane.
He’s actually an Alteration pro.
His touch can effortlessly alter metal into rubber, fire into ice, concrete into mud. In addition to this ability, he also carries concealed in his person a diverse array of treasures he collected as the leader of the Meluastea. The sheer adaptability of this ability combined with his Mystic Codes is enough to place him among the Clock Tower’s top five.
He normally keeps this a secret but his true ability is to overclock his treasures.
Its name is Phantasm Overload.
As someone who has no qualms about altering even his own magical energy with extreme delicacy, Karmaglyph can force a treasure to go beyond its capabilities. Naturally, the treasures burn to crisps more often than not, but until they do, they display power far superior to the arcana of the modern era—in some cases superior to their power in the Age of Gods. This couldn’t make for a more horrifying combination with how the Department of Archeology owns quite a few artifacts rivaling the Holy Ark. But obviously, as a lover of archeology, he rarely ever displays this ability.

During the events of The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II, he’s in his late 30s.
While the Meluasteas were famous for being quite the softies despite being Lords, Karmaglyph’s actions are quite ambitious. Money was always necessary for archeology, but come the 20th century, money suddenly became exponentially more needed by everyone. It’s due to this that he managed to steal the position of Dean of Mineralogy, but this also invited major distress.
Stealing a chair from the Aristocratic Faction put him on Barthomeloi’s watchlist.
The Meluasteas were the leaders of the Neutral Faction, but the Eleventh Department was always among the weakest. Their leadership status was symbolic and held together by tradition. Karmaglyph knew that and this was why he was so invested in solidifying his position.
Also, since the Department of Lore keeps exoanthropic artifacts under custody, they keep each other under constant surveillance. Lore is suspicious that Archeology is withholding artifacts belonging to their category, while Archeology wholeheartedly believes Lore is a hoax to monopolize a set range of artifacts. But despite everything, fieldwork often requires each other’s cooperation.
His interest in El-Melloi II is part political and part because he thinks their situations are similar. Because both lack genuine interest in Lord status and have another goal outside their goal in magecraft.
PS: A large sum of his debt is owed to Melvin’s mama.
His name is portmanteau of karma and hieroglyph.

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