Katsuragi Chikagi

Often called Chika. 16-year-old high school freshman. Works part-time at Ahnenerbe. She has a reputation for being a tsundere due to her unfriendly demeanor. (Although she herself denies it.) Although she is quite the beauty, she’s pretty useless and too hassled to do anything most of the time. However when she puts her mind to it, she follows through to the end. When not motivated, she does zilch. Tsk tsk. Chikagi has a tendency to avoid getting along with others. Hibino Hibiki is the only person she’s ever felt comfortable being around. Chikagi and Hibiki got to know each other in a certain incident that happened after entering high school. But is that all there is to it?
She lives with her father, mother, and older sister. Her parents are often away from home for work. Chikagi’s sister, who is three years older than her, used to take care of her, but when she entered high school, her sister mostly stopped looking after Chikagi, and now that she’s a university student, Chikagi has been completely left to her own devices. Nevertheless, because she also receives a decent monthly allowance for living expenses, Chikagi mostly listlessly spends her days alone. Sounds a lot like the main character in an eroge.

HibiChika Complete Capture Book: Mahou Tsukai no Hako Small Encylopedia