Name for Each Stage

The Sakura Labyrinth was made to represent the hearts of the heroines within, so each stage name was selected accordingly.
They are listed below.

Layer 1 - Backyard of Eden
-01F Escape From New Moon.
-02F Gold Trash.
-03F Slave On Syndrome.

Layer 2 - Girl’s Side Laboratory
-04F Honey tight Dresscode.
-05F Needless?
-06F Bandit Zero Over.

Layer 3 - Alter Ego/M
-07F Rapunzel Go Home.
-08F Sleeping Beauty.
-09F Red Skin Monster.

Layer 4 - Sick, Home Sink
-10F Connection.
-11F Memory.
-12F Life.

Layer 5 - Iron Maiden Princess
-13F Dragon Sweet Coaster!
-14F Crimson Full-Course
-15F No Past.

Layer 6 - Alter Ego/S
-16F Silence Swan Lake.
-17F Alice in Graveyard.
-18F Crime Ballet.

Layer 7 - I Love You.
Observer on Angelica Cage, black bottom moon light.

Layer 7 - Anima Ataraxia.
Deliverer on Angelica Cage, holy only lime tree.

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