Prison Castle Čachtice

This is Red Lancer’s (Elizabeth) beloved lance.
The lance is essentially a blunt weapon, and is actually the castle that she was imprisoned in before her death which has been turned into a weapon.
It has great potential as a lethal weapon; however it’s most frightening aspect lies elsewhere. I’m sure that all of you who have played the game have noticed the cord that extends out from the lance.
Yes, that’s it! Surprisingly this lance is equipped with a microphone, an amp, a smoke machine, lights, a manager, an audio director, an audio manipulator and more! Everything needed for a live performance.
(The staff comprises of workaholic ghosts that were imprisoned in Čachtice.)
But wait, there’s more! When the “Fresh Blood Demoness” Noble Phantasm is activated, the castle regains its former glory and transforms into a giant speaker and delivers an explosion of Elizabeth’s beautiful voice across the land (abbreviation for distributing the CD singles of her explosively awesome singing)!
Just as Red Saber has the Golden Theater, Red Lancer has the Prison Castle. The Jailhouse Rock mentality must be inherited from SE.RA.PH.

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