Casa Di Logistilla

Declaration of Complete Destruction. One of the cheat Noble Phantasm of Rider of “Black,” Astolfo. A witch specially gave it to Astolfo after being charmed by him. This book, containing written within it the means to destroy all spells, can grant A rank Magic Resistance just by possessing it.
Not only that, if its true name is invoked—in other words, if the book is read, one can drag out the possibility of destroying any spell. It could perhaps be caledl a form of “Eye of the Mind” limited to magecraft. It is the Noble Phantasm that represents the cheat-ness of Astolfo.
Because Astolfo irresponsibly called it by the name “Luna Break Manual,” its true power invoked by its true name didn’t appear until volume 5. Even leaving that aside, it is such an outrageous Noble Phantasm that, if someone like the Witch of Colchis knew about it, she would put him on her list of people to immediately kill at the earliest opportunity.

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