Old Tsukihime

The pilot version of Tsukihime created in 1999.
Believe it or not, the game period was one month! Shiki’s personality was really aggressive in this version. Perhaps it was influence from the visual novel “One: To the Radiant Season,” which the scenario director had just played.
…Honestly, he must have been out of his mind.
“Too long! At this rate, you’re never gonna finish!”
The sagacious art director offered words of wisdom, but the scenario director stubbornly refused to heed them.
January 2000. In the end, he finally admitted his mistake and lowered the span of the game from one month to ten days.
However, because the plot had to be redone from scratch to account for the new time frame, the two weeks that had already been written were torn up and thrown out entirely. Given that the planned release date for the finished work had been that summer, it was painful act that felt close to giving up.

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