The direction of everything that arose from fundamental cause. The α that enabled the existence of α, the absolute order that existed at the very core.
For instance, something with the Origin of “taboo, ” regardless of being born as a human, animal, or plant, would always exist to go against the morals established by the collective.
It was the idea that, independent of the process of reincarnation, humans acquired bodies and wisdom from the directional force at the point of origin, and acquired personalities that were only slightly different from their prior lives.
Individuals who awakened their Origins would be consumed. This was due to “personality ” being something merely on the magnitude of one hundred years; it would be overwritten by the directional force born from the origin. However, humans (human bodies) who were overwritten by their Origins would acquire great powers.
Araya Souren learned the technique to awaken Origins during his research into the root of humanity.
Of course, he only awakened the Origin of one person.

Garden of sinners Pamphlet: Kara no Kyoukai Settings Glossary