Pseudo-Spiritron Computer

This is a super computer that was created using spiritrons made based on the Magic Theory of Pseudo-Spiritrons.
It is a machine that uses spiritrons created from a soul defined as a machine. The use of spiritrons makes high speed computation possible.
The Pseudo-Spiritron Computer is a parallel computation device that uses the soul (which resides in a higher dimension) as its axis to activate a “something” which lies in a parallel world.
The first version of the Pseudo-Spiritron Computer was completed in 1980.
Its processing power was so great that it even surpassed the expected processing power of a quantum computer that would finish being developed and built in 2030.
(Quantum computer development was frozen by the West Europe Plutocracy in 1999)
The United Nations led investigation unit first managed to infiltrate the Moon with the assistance of this Pseudo-Spiritron Computer.
It stands to mention that if Moon Cell directly invites someone, if they accept its invitation they will be able to “fall” to the Moon even using a cheap cyber interface.
…Despite what it sounds like, accepting Moon Cell’s invitation leads to participation in a death game where only the ultimate victor will be able to return alive.

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