Titan’s Cave Painting

Ancient humans left records depicting the threat Velber posed when it arrived on the Earth in the past.
In the world of Extra, there are two “records of the Titan.”

The first record dates back 14,000 years, to the Paleolithic age.
It is a painting of giant animal colonies, found on the walls of the Cave of Altamira. One can deduce that these ancient animals were turned into Sentinels by the Anti-Cell.
The second record was produced 8,000 years ago, in the Neolithic era. It is a primitive mural drawn in the Tassili n’Ajjer of the Sahara, depicting the “Horned White Giant,” Sephyr.
The White Titan first began her invasion from the northern regions of the supercontinent. After her journey of destruction was complete, she moved on to what would later be known as Tassili n’Ajjer, and rotted away there.
You may be wondering: “Why is Altera in Fate tanned? There are no legends of Attila the Hun being particularly dark-skinned.”
To answer that: “our Altera came from the Sahara, so her hair is white and her skin is dark.”
Let’s just assume that Kinoko was super tired when he came up with that.

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