Vampire Rank IX: Ancestor

Ancient Dead Apostles who escaped from the position of emergency rations, and who gained independence as something completely different. Crimson stains fallen to the earth from the Moon. A lethal poison completely incompatible the world. Long-lived ones who progenate VI rank Dead Apostles, and who ingest humans as their “life-span.” They are said to have constructed the structure of the vampiric society that has arrived at the present day. There are individual differences in the scale of their existence, and they are fractioned as the “veterans” who began their activity before the Christian era, and the “novices” who began their activity after the Christian era.
Vlov killed his progenitor Ancestor after a hundred years of living under him, and became a new “novice” Ancestor.

Tsukihime Material I: Tsukihime Work Glossary