Vampire Sion

Sion after she has completely changed into a vampire. Master of statistics and random numbers.
In this state, she is almost unrecognizable as Sion, and is skilled at attacking via the manipulation of information just like Wallachia.
While she still possesses a shred of human reason during her arcade scenario, in her ending she has completely degenerated into a vampire that revels in destruction and sucking blood.
Though she has inherited all the countless victims (information) absorbed by the Tatari over the years, it seems that there is information there that she has not yet been able to fully break down and rearrange. And when you eat something bad or rotten, the best thing to do is throw it up.
I wonder if someday Sion will vomit up this undigested “thing”…?

MB Act Cadenza PS2 Manual: Tsukihime Dictionary