Black Aristoteles

An Aristoteles that appeared in the western continent.
A black giant several dozen kilometers in size. Its form was pretty close to a human.
It was actually a group of black photon gas, and theoretically its size can expand infinitely. It carries a unknown core in its center that can only be described as an artificial sun, and the gases are emitted from this object.
Of the 8 Aristoteles, it eliminated the most living things. The western continent went on an all out battle, and it wiped them out without a scar. …Although there’s probably no such thing as a scar to this Aristoteles.
After this incident, a team of Knights were sent to the western continent. After a fierce battle, it was sliced into half by the demonic sword of Knight Edem, the Slash Emperor. The chopped artificial sun went berserk and burned the whole western continent.

Angel Voice: Notes.