Caubac Alcatraz

Ranked 27 among the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors.
His Idea Blood is a “failed product” or perhaps simply “unneeded.”
A vampire who was a believer to the church before turning Dead Apostle.
The Crimson Moon made him lose heart shortly before the transition to AD, but the Crimson Moon also saw potential in him and gave him his pure blood, turning him into an Ancestor.
Since then, he has been holed up in an underground cavern lamenting his vampiric transformation, since he was too ashamed to go see his pious companions, not to mention they would kill him on the spot if they saw what he turned into.
Later a lot happened, leading him to build the great labyrinth of Alcatraz.

Somewhen around the year 1000AD, he completed the Triten scripture.
No one saw him ever since.
The Holy Church and the vampire society believe that he built his castle to protect his written truth, the Triten scripture, and when he got that done, a random dimensional distortion turned the castle into some amazing labyrinth not even he can escape.

He turned himself into an inorganic object out of hatred for his body’s need to suck blood to extend his life.
He takes the appearance of an ordinary padlock.

In Mahou Tsukai no Hako, it was established that Hibiki is an artificial lifeform (the Triten) who turned human and got lost among the people there.

“Our world was created by the Lord, and its surface is covered in His love. The way humans go hog wild over food and whatnot is also because of Lord’s love. The Lord’s love is like, super immeasurable to human beings.”
Under the thoughts quoted above, he comprehended the Lord’s love and wrote it down. That’s what the Triten scripture is.

The punchline here is there on proofread, he realized that he made a model of the universe.
He obviously wasn’t trying to create a model of the universe, but that was the final result of what he tried to make.
By reaching the conclusion that the universe is direct proof of the Lord’s love, Caubac established he was right and built his labyrinth in order to hide his super ultra awesome treasure literally anyone would desire.
By the way, the labyrinth was made using the same techniques used to make Triten. For that reason, it’s constantly expanding at the same speed that the universe expands. Super inescapable.

Now, the following section is about progress caused by the events of Mahou Tsukai no Hako:
Caubac had complete faith in Triten, but he took his eyes away for one moment and Triten disappeared from its storage and went to be human in some Japanese café.
Triten was supposed to be his proof, Triten = the Lord’s love, and yet the result of its evolution was a human being!
No true Catholics would see God inside themselves.
Caubac shat himself from shock when he learned about Hibiki.
“In my attempts to prove God is real, I proved that He isn’t.”


The following thoughts are the reasons why he considers Triten a mistake:

  • We must not see God in ourselves.
  • We must not pray for our own benefit. (Prayers are for the Lord’s benefit. It’s wrong to pray out of desire for salvation. You pray only for the Lord. Caubac’s mindset is the same as Caren’s.)
  • The Lord’s love is absolute and must never be questioned. Therefore we must not wish for the Lord to exist in any form different from the forms described in the scriptures.
    God’s Love = the world.
    The fact that we’re alive is a manifestation of His love and no matter how much suffering there is in the world, it’s all part of grand system of God’s deeds (love).

The world is a product of the Lord’s thoughts.
Upon closer inspection of the components of the human being (body, mind, and soul), Caubac had the idea that he could prove the Lord’s love by replicating all these components in text form.
He then started building his model from all possible accounts, probed into His whole Creation, gave it shape, and ended up with a model of the universe. (He didn’t notice it was a model of the universe until it was complete)
And the fact that this universe was functional (even if there was no life in it) was all he needed to go ultra-convinced on his assumption that the Lord’s love was real and that it approved his project.
Caubac built his labyrinth to protect this treasure. (Not because he was afraid of it being misused, simply because he was afraid of it being stolen from him)
He believed Triten was the only thing he needed in the whole wide world.
To be fair, that practically completed his purpose as a Dead Apostle as well, leaving him in a complete NEET state. He was right about Triten being the only thing he ever needed.
But imagine the panic when he found out Triten was operating as a human being.
It’s the level of shock you get when your computer gets infected by a virus from a porn site.
He made a perfect image of God, and then it turned human.
Would that mean God is human?
That God is made from humans?
God eventually becomes human?
None of these options were possible. There is no God in humans.
But Triten became human.
The conclusion here is that human beings were all there was to the universe.
= God doesn’t exist.

After approaching this line of argument, Caubac practically stopped thinking.
His strong will and proneness to delusion kept him on his feet, although in an unmoving state.

“One more time. I need to see Triten one more time. I could have just made a mistake somewhere along the way. Or maybe Triten really is… No, forget that thought.”
And so he started looking for Hibiki. That’s the whole backstory for Mahou Tsukai no Hako.

※Completing his “Or maybe Triten really is…” sentence:
Triten was a model for the universe with no life in it. (The word “life” here refers specifically to intelligent lifeforms capable of self-evolution.)
But in the process of its expansion, the universe birthed lifeforms.
That is God’s true deed.
If Triten, an in-depth inspection of the Lord’s love, birthed a human being, that’s evidence pointing to the thought that the world is made from the Lord’s love.
I knew I was right!
But… the problem is that by creating Triten, I kinda violated the creed that we mustn’t create God. Actually, if a human can create God, then…
He got lost in this labyrinth of thought.
All that said, even if Hibiki is indeed Triten (God), Caubac would deny the notion on the logic that “God is an omnipresent essence, not something with a physical presence.”
God’s love exists.
But it can’t take a human form.
It can’t take a form humans can comprehend.
He can’t be alive.
Above is an example of cool speech he would to reject Hibiki’s nature or pretend he never saw it.
…This is the story of how he ruined his own beliefs and came out of his 2000-year-long battle in total denial, but even after all this, he still prioritized the ideal form of God’s love over his own happiness and salvation.

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