Descending Elevator

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In the Holy Grail War, after the six day moratorium1, this elevator takes all the Masters to the Decisive Battleground on the seventh day. The appearance of the elevator is similar to that of a church’s confessional.
Within the sealed domain behind the firewall, the Masters exchange words for the last time.
It’s the final chance to reconfirm each others past, future, thoughts, and connections.
Enemies and friends who shouldn’t be able to come to an understanding.
But perhaps there is a way to come to understand each other.
Just a few minutes later the battles begin, and Moon Cell is watching, recording the fluctuations of each combatant’s heart and mind.

Translator's Notes
  1. ^ The Japanese literally says “grace period” but it could also mean postponement or extension or even delay, but it’s hard to judge due to not having played the game. Please edit “grace period” if appropriate.
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