God Force

The Five Soldiers of the War God.
This is Berserker’s anti-unit, anti-army, and anti-fortress Noble Phantasm.
The War God Five Soldiers is the true name of Lu Bu Fengxian’s main weapon, which is a two-handed halberd. It can be changed into six different forms, which makes it as though Lu Bu has six Servant’s worth of Noble Phantasms.

  1. Slash: This nullifies all kinds of physical defense and causes heavy damage.
  2. Thrust: A heavy damage attack used to pierce through multiple enemy units that are lined up straight. It also stuns the enemy (the halberd piercing the enemy seals their movements).
  3. Strike: The halberd is transformed into a pair of giant bracers and increases Lu Bu’s defense. It can also be used in a special defensive manner to stop the enemy’s attack in its tracks and perform a counter move.
  4. Mow Down: Destroys a horizontal line of enemies with huge damage.
  5. Sweep: A special counter move that reflects physical attacks and damages the enemy.
  6. Shoot: Everyone’s favorite “Lu Bu Beam” that shoots from the halberd transformed into a large wave-motion cannon.
    It wouldn’t be strange to see other Servants muttering, “Isn’t he more than enough by himself?”
    His halberd is quite the masterpiece.
    Slash, Thrust, Strike, Mow Down, Exterminate.
    It’s an omnipotent weapon that can be used to cover all the large two handed weapon attacks. (*However, this weapon didn’t actually exist in the time of the Song Dynasty which is when Lu Bu was alive.)

The War God Five Soldiers is a Chinese gadget masterpiece designed for Lu Bu by the super tactician Chen Gong.
The tactician Chen Gong saw the God of War in Lu Bu’s strength.
China’s ancient god of war, Chiyou, is said to be the inventor of the battle axe, the shield, and the bow and arrow. He is also said to have carried a different weapon in each of his six arms.
Chen Gong imagined Lu Bu in a similar fashion, and so he designed this weapon with a main form and five additional forms. Lu Bu’s multifaceted weapon could blossom freely on the battlefield, and was on the level of a man-made Noble Phantasm.
However, Lu Bu is a Berserker, so he cannot use anything but the main halberd form in EXTRA.

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