Gordes Musik Yddgmillennia

One of the Masters of the “Black” camp. He is a problematic middle-aged man who bears the nicknames King of Incompetents and King of Waster Command Spells. The magecraft he uses is a type of alchemy, and at one time his family even barely managed to reach a level where he could see the backs of the Einzberns, but they quickly fell into ruin and were absorbed into Yggdmillennia.
His abilities and talent aren’t low at all… though they aren’t amazingly high either. His rank is half-hearted, above Caules and Sagara Hyouma yet incapable of matching Darnic and Fiore. On the other hand, his pride as a magus is deeper than the sea and higher than the mountains.
He is the type that assumes a desktop theory is equal to reality. He’s like an old man who jeers “What terrible directions” while watching a baseball game.
However, having his Servant, who should have obeyed him, not only punching him but even going against his orders seems to have been quite a huge shock for him (after all, even though his familiar had fallen into ruin, they were still considered a powerful family within Yggdmillennia and almost no one ever defied him), and he also withdrew from the war without doing practically anything worthy of being a Master, so he continuously got drunk from the second volume on.
However, perhaps having despaired at having reached rock bottom or having become honest after having his pride smashed to pieces, he unexpectedly displays conspicuous and energetic efforts afterwards.
To be frank, he was a character who was supposed to have died from Siegfried’s punch in the first volume’s plot. I made him have a hand in quite few inhuman deeds, but due to portraying him as incompetent too much, his humorous characterization was strengthened and it actually became hard to kill him instead.
Since he survived, even though there was no reason to portray him, for some reason he regained his value in the third and fourth volumes, and in the end somehow became one of the characters who came back home alive.
Well, he’s surrounded by homunculi who witnessed him fall to rock bottom once, so if he turns back towards his family and magecraft without fearing shame, his family might actually make a comeback.
For the sake of that as well, he first intends to train his son who he raised to be just like him. “You seem to think you’re incredibly cool, but you’re actually just like me, so if anything, you’re like that…” “Really…?” “Really…”

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